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Our Nation NEEDS YOU!  Our future, and that of our children and theirs, will depend on what we do now, to change things for the better.  


The opportunities that the KFN Land Code can bring, are GREAT!  Here's how you can help:

  • If you have any questions or concerns about the Land Code, please contact us.

  • Please ensure that you contact information is up to date.  Call us or feel free to use the form below.

  • Take a look at the information on this site, attend community information sessions, and


Land Code Coordinator:


Victoria St.Jean

phone: (780) 933-2018 
phone: (867) 874-6701

Box 3060

Hay River Dene Reserve,NWT

X0E 1G4 Canada

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   Kátł’odeeche First Nation: About Us

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